Rob Jago


Rob Jago has 15 years experience in developing, architecting or integrating Java and/or J2EE applications within many different architectures, from the simplest MVC to the most complex, multitenant, heterogeneous environments.  Rob complements this experience with many additional skillsets  (Agile, Scrum/ScrumMaster, ITIL v3, Lean Six Sigma--GreenBelt) to pragmatically assist teams to utilize (or improve) their SDLC (RUP, Agile, Scrum, transition) to meet or exceed project deadlines and/or milestones. Rob has Secret Canadian Government Security clearance.

You can reach him at: .

John Jeston


John Jeston has over 30 years experience in senior executive and consulting positions. Executing strategy to deliver business benefits is difficult. John has deep experience in working with senior executives in assisting them in business transformation and to set up their strategy for success. He has serious experience in getting things done – the right way. For over 30 years he has covered business transformation, Business Process Management (BPM), business process re-engineering, project management, shared services creation, strategic procurement, systems development, outsourcing, and general management. He has held the positions of Financial Controller, Divisional Manager, Company Director, HR Director and Chief Information Officer (within GM). 

John is an internationally recognised thought leader in BPM transformation strategy and implementation. He has provided these services to significant organisations throughout Australia, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, SE Asia, Turkey, Russia and southern Africa. He has authored a number of books and more than 30 articles on BPM and high performance management and worked with the London Business School. He is a regular speaker at conferences, a Master Project Director and is a Chartered Accountant. 

 You can reach him at: .